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My name is Drew. I was sent to help. I am a coder, designer, coffee addict, photographer, beer snob, cat owner, and rabid hockey fan. This is my website/mad scientist lab where I build the many weapons I use to combat bad design and out-dated websites. Have a look around.

Get in touch!

Get in Touch!

I love talking to people! You can follow me on Twitter, check out my Dribbble page, or simply shoot me an e-mail with anything thats on your mind. If you're in the market for a designer, here is some reading material (resume) for you to look over. Hope to hear from you soon.

Latest Musings.

7 Stages of Grief: Eleventh Hour Edits

We've all been there, a client wants a change to a core piece of scaffolding in your code at the 11th hour and won’t take no for an answer.

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I build for the modern web.

What the hell does that mean, Drew?

In a nutshell, I'm building websites for tomorrow. I try to use the most modern practices available to deliver the very best user experience possible. From mobile design and web standards to the latest in HTML and CSS, I try to deliver you and your clients a website that is "future friendly" and available on the majority of media devices used in todays modern, web-surfing world.

Why Bryant?

why.bryant.edu is a marketing page that Elliance built to attract new students to the school. Working on a tight deadline, we were able to create a unique experience on both mobile and desktop, while keeping load times at a minimum. Built on an Umbraco back-end, we were able to include parallax scrolling, multiple rotating galleries and web video, in a seamless single page experience.


Tech Used: HTML5, CSS3, Jquery Cycle 2 (with custom plugins), Parallax scrolling, Compass, Umbraco

Address: Click here to see the live site

Metaframe v1.1

Metaframe is an easy-to-use notation layer for conveying the meta-knowledge in wireframes, mockups, and design comps. Made and shared with love by the folks at Elliance. This free plugin crawls the DOM looking for instances of the class, "notation" and, when it finds one, it uses magic to add the subsequent contents of "notes" to the panel overlay.


HTML5, Fully Custom Jquery, SCSS, My first project submitted to Github

Address: Grab a copy!

ONS Connect

The Oncology nursing society came to Elliance seeking an iPad app for their publication. With extensive IA research, Elliance was able to transform their aged website into a fully functional responsive publication website, allowing them to update content very easily. This project was completed in only 4 months, using a back end that we were unfamiliar with.


PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Drupal, Jquery

Address: Visit the live website

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University came to Elliance seeking a complete redesign of their online and main .edu websites. As this was a massive project, the whole team had to band together to pull it off. Fourteen months and 1400 pages later and this masterpiece was created! Since I joined the company half way through the process, I will only show what I built.


HTML5, SCSS, Jquery, Umbraco Backend, Google Maps API

Address: Visit the live website

Where the magic happens.

I'm a web designer, sent here from a distant planet to save the greater Pittsburgh area from bad design and web development. Below are some of my website designs, logos, print work and other things that I'm proud of. Have a look, you know you want to.